Solving Water Issues for CSP Plants


The SOLWARIS project is founded on the cooperation between R&D centres, educational institutions and industrial stakeholders across Europe. This cooperation has led to many scientific advancements that have been shared through publication in scientific journals around the world. Information on the Scientific papers can be found below.

Techno-Economic Assessment of Soiling Losses and Mitigation Strategies for Solar Power Generation
K. Ilse, L. Micheli, B. W. Figgis, K. Lange, D. Daßler, H. Hanifi, F. Wolfertstetter, V. Naumann, C. Hagendorf, R. Gottschalg, J. Bagdahn
Optimization of cleaning strategies based on ANN algorithms assessing the benefit of soiling rate forecasts
Felix Terhag, Fabian Wolfertstetter, Stefan Wilbert, Tobias Hirsch and Oliver Schaudt
An experimental investigation into factors affecting the soiling of glass mirrors
Peter King, Christopher Sansom, Heather Almond and Hauwa Abdulkarim