SOLWARIS project has been presented at Solar Paces 2020 conference that was held online from September 28 to October 2, 2020, in Daegu.

The 26th edition of SolarPACES 2020 was successfully held online for the first time. 530 participants from 36 countries joined this new experience and benefited from over 200 presentations and 140 posters.

The SolarPACES community proofed that a pandemic does not stop inspiring research and progress, interactions, and lively discussions between experts worldwide.

SOLWARIS results were presented through:

  • poster presentation by Erlantz Fernández de Gorostiza (TEK) on the topic: Scattering Sensor Embedded in Mirrors for Continuous Soiling Monitoring of CSP Plants.
  • poster presentation by Cristobal Villasante (TEK) on the topic: SMARTMIRROR®: Making CSP Plants Smarter and More Profitable. 
  • poster presentation by Dr. Patricia Santamaria (RIO SCH) on the topic: Evaluation of Optical Properties and Mechanical Resistance of
    Antisoiling Layer on Antireflective Coated Glass Tubes for Solar. 

More information can be found here.