SOLWATT presented at inDust User Workshop on Solar Energy

inDust User Workshop on Solar Energy took place in Offenbach, Germany on 19 – 20 February, 2018.

The event provided the opportunity to learn abour the state of the art concerning mineral dust reasearch (forecasts, measurements, products), to share experiences about dust outbreaks and how they influence operations with other users and developers and also to shape future research activities. The speakers consisted of representatives from inDust COST Action, National Weather Services, Research Institutions, TSOs, DSOs, Plant operators, etc.

SOLWATT project was presented in the frame of the Research & Development section by Stelios Kazadzis (PMOD/WRC) on behalf of Fabian Wolfertstetter et al. (DLR). SOLWATT presentation is available here.

In addition, SOLWATT results were presented through poster presentation by Eleni Karnezi (BSC) on the topic: Developing soiling forecasts for optimizing operation and maintenance procedures in CSP plants. Poster is available here.